“Tide Waits For No Man!”


28th October


Watermouth Cove, North Devon, UK


Watercolour and ink on handmade Indian paper

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33.5 × 45.5 cm (W x H)

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65 x 77 cm (W x H)

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Dimensions 33.5 × 45.5 cm

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About "Tide Waits For No Man!"

I always return to Watermouth Cove to paint, as it is a sheltered natural harbour with a unique character from the many boats and rugged rocks. On this day, the tide was rushing in, and within ten minutes I was surrounded by water. It was a race against time to complete the painting, so I worked quickly, focusing only on getting down a few details and a loose impression of the scene. The haste in my approach gives the piece a great energy.