View the Paul Kenton / 365 catalogue

We are excited to now release the full 365 Project Catalogue for you to check out. The catalogue features the entire 365 collection, so you can take the time to view all of the artworks before they become available to purchase on November 18th 2020.

As well as providing the details of each piece, the catalogue reveals all of Paul’s personal insights whilst on his daily painting journey. You can read about his experiences, creative discoveries, and the variety of subjects and locations that inspired him throughout the year.

View the Catalogue

Paul Kenton / 365 Project Catalogue

Using the catalogue

Clicking the link above will open the catalogue in a new browser window, where you can navigate through all the pages. The catalogue has built in navigation links in the bottom right corner of the page, as well as a clickable ‘Table of Contents’ to help you explore. The online version of the catalogue is powered by Adobe InDesign, which also includes built in navigation controls, which will appear in a toolbar running across the bottom of the screen. This has handy options such as a thumbnail grid viewer, which you can also use to find your way around. In addition, using the left/right arrows on your keyboard will navigate through the catalogue pages, as will swiping left/right on a tablet/mobile device. It is worth pointing out however, that the catalogue is not mobile-responsive, so we do not recommend viewing it on smaller screens.

There is also an option to download the catalogue as a PDF file, which you can then view in a book/PDF reader program of your choice, if you prefer, or are experiencing any issues with the online viewer. Please note that the onscreen controls will only work on the online version of the catalogue and are disabled in the downloadable PDF version, although the Table of Contents will still have clickable links.

Thank you so much for joining me on my 365-day painting journey. I hope that within this dynamic collection of one-off artworks, you find a piece that has the unique power to engage and transport you, and bring you a little bit of joy every day.


Interest free credit available to finance your art purchase

0percent interest Free Credit with V12 Finance

Available from our finance partner – V12 Finance

We can offer 0% finance options on all artwork in the 365 Project that is available to purchase on this website. Simply visit Paul’s main website for more information. You can use a calculator to find a payment option that works for you, then get in touch with us using an initial expression of interest form. We will then start the application process with you, in order to get your artwork sent to you as soon as possible.

Click here for more information

Virtual Galleries

Walk around  virtual 365 exhibitions!

With the current difficulties viewing art in physical galleries, due to Covid-19, we have done our utmost to recreate the experience for you virtually. Using the four ‘365 Seasons’ Virtual Reality (VR) Galleries, you can use your mobile or desktop device to ‘walk’ around an exhibition space and see all the artworks to scale, respective of each other.

Start using VR to view PK/365

Augmented Reality

See the artwork on your wall!

You can use Augmented Reality (AR) to see any of the 365 artworks, to scale, on your own wall. Select a painting to begin with, then you can easily swipe through the entire collection. All you need is to download the free app – KUIO and print off the unique 365 AR marker. Then simply place the marker on your wall and let the app do the rest!

Start using AR to view PK/365