“The Illusion of Light”


15th September


Seventh Avenue, New York, USA


Gouache on craft paper

Artwork Size

18.5 × 28.5 cm (W x H)

Framed Size

49 x 59 cm (W x H)




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Additional Information

All measurements relating to framed sizes are approximate. Please contact us if the sizing information requires precise measurements.

About "The Illusion of Light"

Capturing the illusion of light has always been a fascination of mine. In this painting, I wanted to tackle the challenge of recreating on paper that sensation of bright light glaring into my eyes from a low sun. I used a few specks of white paint to help give the impression of blinding light. It was so important to determine the colour temperature of the light source, as this affects all of the colours we see and can instantly make a painting more convincing. In this sunset scene, the light is warm, which consequently accentuates the contrasting coolness of the shadows.