9th September


New York, USA


Pastel on art paper

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47 × 31 cm (W x H)

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78 x 62 cm (W x H)

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Dimensions 47 × 31 cm

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About "Taxi!"

It may sound cliched, but being in New York often feels like stepping onto the set of a movie. Everywhere feels strangely familiar and everything happening around me seems like the unfolding events of a movie scene. Inspired by these experiences, I composed this piece like a wide angle film still, capturing the backlit silhouette of a seemingly injured person making a quick getaway in a yellow taxi cab. I chose to work in pastels onto a fine sandpaper to give a subtle film grain effect to the surface. Using my thumb to blend over the sandpaper quickly became uncomfortable as it wore away at my skin, so there may even be specks of my blood in this piece, unintentionally adding to the narrative.