“Westminster Walk”


29th August


Westminster, London, UK


Gouache and pen on paper

Artwork Size

19.5 × 28.5 cm (W x H)

Framed Size

39.5 x 48.5 cm (W x H)




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Additional Information

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About "Westminster Walk"

In contrast to other countries I visit, painting in the UK offers so many opportunities to paint during and after rainfall. I have come to love this quirk of British weather, as the rain-coated streets can give an almost mirrored surface, reflecting beautiful light and colour. In this piece, the colours of the city and sky were so vividly echoed on the road. I used metallic gold paint for Big Ben, to emulate the glisten of its limestone brickwork as sunlight hits. I kept brushwork fluid to reflect a sense of the wet weather, and finished the painting with quick penned lines to add loose detail and form.