“Calm Reflections”


2nd August



Gouache on art paper

Artwork Size

56 × 39 cm (W x H)

Framed Size

85.5 x 68.5 cm (W x H)




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Additional Information

All measurements relating to framed sizes are approximate. Please contact us if the sizing information requires precise measurements.

About "Calm Reflections"

As mentioned, I have always had a connection with the ocean, and I am lucky enough to surf regularly at my local beaches. Whilst I love a good breaking wave, I equally appreciate the sea when it is calm, with just a few gentle ripples undulating on the surface. With this seascape, I wanted to capture the incredible vastness of the ocean, which has the ability to make you feel so small and insignificant, giving much needed perspective on life's challenges. To achieve distance, I used thin brushstrokes in the foreground to define the ripples in the water and the precise edges of the boat, against blurry wet pools of paint for the sky.