“Retro Air Jordan”


11th July



Pen on paper

Artwork Size

15.5 × 10 cm (W x H)

Framed Size

46.5 x 41 cm (W x H)




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About "Retro Air Jordan"

Alongside painting cityscapes, I like creating art that reflects on certain times in my life - for instance, growing up in the eighties and the symbols that defined 1980s pop-culture. The Nike Air Jordan I basketball sneaker produced in 1984 for Michael Jordan was iconic, and went on to dominate the shoe market at the time. I really admired how these sneakers broke tradition, as the first multi-coloured shoe to be worn in the NBA, despite being banned. To create this piece, I used gel pens to capture the sneaker's simple silhouette, block colours, and stitched leather details.