“Empty Farm Building”


16th June


Nr. Ilfracombe, North Devon, UK


Oil on board

Artwork Size

20.5 × 20.5 cm (W x H)

Framed Size

35 x 35 cm (W x H)




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Additional Information

All measurements relating to framed sizes are approximate. Please contact us if the sizing information requires precise measurements.

About "Empty Farm Building"

One of the qualities I love most about oil paints, is that its thick consistency allows me to create texture. Capturing texture was particularly important for this piece, as the barn was constructed of a variety of different materials. I used a palette knife, and scraped using the end of a brush to give the piece a tactile surface. This painting was of the barn behind my house, which is now derelict as the farmer has left it to rot. I love the distant rectangle of light coming through the window in the farm building, as it really draws your eye into the piece and creates a sense of distance and space.