“Fisherman's Hut”


14th January


Costa Rica


Gouache and pen on craft paper

Artwork Size

28.5 × 18.5 cm (W x H)

Framed Size

63 x 53 cm (W x H)




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About "Fisherman's Hut"

It is always exciting to paint whilst travelling, as you often have just one fleeting opportunity to capture what you see, which adds an urgency and verve to your approach. When I saw this shack in Costa Rica, I knew that I had to record it on paper. I was really drawn to how the shack was constructed out of a variety of materials collected by the locals - metal, tin, wood and propped up old doors. This combination of materials gave me the challenge of capturing a diverse range of textures, colours, shapes and shadows. I was also intrigued by the ladder leaning against the tree, as I imagine it was used as a look out spot to check the surf.