“Against the Elements”


16th December


North Devon, UK


Gouache on craft paper

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18.5 × 28.5 cm (W x H)

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50 x 60 cm (W x H)

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Dimensions 18.5 × 28.5 cm

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About "Against the Elements"

Working outdoors through all weather conditions is imperative to my practice, as it allows me to experience the true essence and dynamism of a place. I painted this piece whilst battling with the rain and wind on the North Devon coast, as the force of the sea was washing up against the rocks below me. Raindrops fell onto my sketchbook as I painted, causing the paint to pool and run down the page, which created a piece that organically embodies the vigorous movement of the scene. Nothing beats the feeling of being at one with the landscape, and I love working collaboratively with nature to recreate this feeling in my artwork.