“Alto Saxophone”


3rd December




Oil on brass

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60 × 17.5 cm (W x H)

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91 x 49 cm (W x H)

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Dimensions 60 × 17.5 cm

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About "Alto Saxophone"

Over the last few years, I have been teaching myself how to play the saxophone, and it has become a major part of my life and art. I was told when I was sixteen that if I didn't learn how to play music then, there was no point in trying. It wasn't until recently that I realised how wrong that was. I can play a few tunes now, so it is never too late! Aside from feeling a sense of accomplishment, playing the saxophone and listening to Jazz whilst I paint inspires a rhythmic movement in my brushstrokes and encourages me to express my inner soul on the canvas. Painted onto brass, I wanted to experiment with scratching away at a layer of black paint to form shape of the saxophone. I then added detail and colour using oils.