“There's Nothing Abstract”


9th October




Oil stick on canvas

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60 × 58 cm (W x H)

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91 x 89 cm (W x H)

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Dimensions 60 × 58 cm

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About "There's Nothing Abstract"

Created in less than an hour, this large abstract piece using oil sticks was so much fun to do. Without any plan, I let the painting materialise organically, allowing my hand to do the thinking. I focused on enjoying the physical act of painting rather than being preoccupied with achieving a certain result - an approach akin to the 'action painting' of Jackson Pollock, one of my favourite artists. During the process, I found myself making sweeping gestural marks, resulting in a spontaneous combustion of colour and movement. As the oil stick became soft against the friction of the canvas, each mark began to clump together into a thick textured layer, creating a tactile surface, full of energy.